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Back to School Story Companion Kit for the Kissing Hand--Shipped, allow time for delivery

Back to School Story Companion Kit for the Kissing Hand--Shipped, allow time for delivery

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This set will be mailed on Friday, August 4th.  Allow 4-5 days for delivery.  If you need it immediately, see the porch pick up option.


One of our most treasured traditions is to read The Kissing Hand bye Audrey Penn and to draw a heart on the wrist of our children the night before they head to school.  We have been doing this since my high schooler was going into preschool :) 

Start your own back to school tradition with this kit!  
Inside you will receive:

  • Story tag with a QR code linked to a video of Ms. Jessica reading the story
  • Laminated picture retelling cards so your child can act out or communicate about the story
  • Adjustable heart bracelet for your child to wear on the first day of school
  • Adjustable heart bracelet for Mom

Why a heart you might ask...

The year my daughter was going into middle school, neither of my two oldest children seemed very interested in the annual reading of The Kissing Hand.  Not going to hurt my heart a little.  As soon as I closed the book, my daughter left the room. 
She returned and tapped me on the shoulder holding a purple marker. “You have to do it,” she smiled. So I drew a heart on the bottom of her palm, like I have done the previous 6 years. I knew she would probably wash it off in the morning, but that night she humored this momma. And just like in the book, she took the marker and drew a heart on my hand.

I want this heart bracelet to be a reminder not only to your child that they are safe and loved on their first day, but also a remind to you as a momma.  What you do all seasons of your children's lives.

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