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Play Your Way to Christmas EBook

Play Your Way to Christmas EBook

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Childhood is a beautiful time, and Christmas during childhood is even more beautiful! Take a break from the hustle and bustle and sit down to play. This e-book takes the guesswork out of planning engaging and meaningful activities for your children this Christmas season! These pretend play and sensory activities are great for ALL children!

***You will not receive a printed copy, if you are interested in a paperback book please go to Amazon.  This listing is for the E-Book printable version****

I have planned 24 kid-tested (my children had a blast) activities. You will start on December 1st and complete an activity a day until Christmas!

You will receive activity cards that you can print to share with your children. You will receive a complete list of materials. Most of the materials can be purchased from the dollar store or can be gathered from your own home. Each day has complete instructions on how to set up the activity and how to play. You will see photos of my children testing each activity. The activities in this book coordinate with some of my favorite Christmas children's books. You do NOT have to have these books in order to enjoy these activities. Set up the daily materials and invite the children to play with you. Follow the children’s lead. The activities in this book are not about creating a “finished product,” but are about engaging in the process of exploration and play. You can modify these activities for different times of the year! I cannot wait to see what you create!

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